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To deliver UK Digital RTW & Digital ID, PeopleCheck has partnered with Yoti and Post Office (UK’s first Certified Identity Service Provider – IDSP) to provide this service to all our clients.

This service will be seamlessly integrated into our online tracking platform.

The check conducted with a Certified Identity Service Provider acts on behalf of the employer; with the employer becoming a ‘relying party’ in that transaction.

Conducting a check through PeopleCheck provides the employer with the Statutory Excuse for UK RTW and means that the employer no longer needs to check original documents prior to the person starting work.

What Documents Meet Digital RTW Requirements?

For the purposes of verifying Digital Identity for UK RTW checks, only the following specified documents can be accepted:

  • Current and valid British passports
  • Current and valid Irish passports
  • Current and valid Irish identity cards

The Employer’s Cross-Check Requirement

Employers must satisfy themselves that the photograph and biographic details (for example, date of birth) on the output from the IDSP identity check are consistent with the individual presenting themselves for work (i.e. the information provided by the check relates to the individual and they are not an imposter).

The Employer’s Retention Requirement?

The employer must retain evidence of the online right to work check. 

This will be available within the PeopleCheck platform and is the ‘Profile Page’ confirming the individual’s UK RTW. 

This page will include the individual's photo and date on which the check was conducted. 

You should store this securely (electronically or in hardcopy) for the duration of employment plus for two years afterwards. The file must then be securely destroyed.

Home Office Share Code Service (for non-UK/Irish Citizens)

PeopleCheck can assist with Share Code validation.

The Share Code is requested directly from the candidate via our intuitive and user-friendly online forms. 

The employer’s cross-check and retention rules apply as they do for UK Digital RTW Checks.

What is the process where a candidate does not hold a Share Code (for non-UK/Irish Citizens)?

This may occur if the person has an ‘entry clearance’ within their passport. 

This normally allows the person to arrive in the country and to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within a specific number of days. Once the BRP has been collected, they are able to apply for a Home Office Share Code; this can then be validated/checked for right to work.

Note: When the candidate logs into our forms without a Share Code or relevant RTW documents, then there is clear guidance on how to apply for this. 

For Full Home Office Guidance:

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